How FNUK can benefit your football club - Football News UK
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How FNUK can benefit your football club

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How FNUK can benefit your football club


We appreciate that the chairman and club managers do not have digital media experience, especially small clubs and sometimes can't afford the obscene fees of digital media services when constructing a new website or maintaining social media campaigns - the digital media industry can be littered with clubs paying obscene fees to digital media/marketing agencies, instead we want to give a premium service at an affordable price that suits your clubs needs. 


We have identified these problems and we’re here to assist with whatever digital media services you require in order to better help your club get noticed and increase your clubs popularity using our services. 


Our Unique Selling Point (USP)


Football News UK is a sports network providing news coverage to football fans worldwide with specifically tailored digital media for every club in the world. 


  • FNUK tailors services for both small and big football clubs. 
  • Will provide coverage through website development/design, social media and data analytics.
  • FNUK app will have all the clubs we cover using all the relevant digital media with the addition of an exclusive shop.  


Help us understand your requirements, so we can help you every step of the way to ensure maximum and optimum performance for your football club at an affordable price. 


If you think FNUK’s services can benefit you and would like a quote or you’re looking for sponsorship/advertising please contact us via or alternatively via our contact us page. 




- The FNUK Team. 
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